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What are the signs of a lack of sleep?

Jul 20, 2023June Laboratoire

Insufficient or poor quality sleep can have a huge impact on our physical and mental health. It is important to recognize the signs of a lack of sleep in order to be able to take action and improve our rest. In this article, we'll walk you through the most common signs of sleep deprivation and how a quality supplement can help improve your sleep quality.

  1. Fatigue and lack of energy : One of the most obvious signs of lack of sleep is persistent fatigue and lack of energy throughout the day. You may feel exhausted, have trouble concentrating and staying alert.

  2. Concentration and memory problems : Lack of sleep affects our ability to concentrate and remember information. You may have trouble staying attentive, concentrating on tasks, and remembering important details.

  3. Mood swings : Insufficient sleep can cause frequent mood swings, such as irritability, anxiety, and depression. You may feel more emotionally sensitive and find it difficult to deal with stress.

  4. Increased appetite : Lack of sleep can disrupt appetite-regulating hormones, which can lead to increased appetite and cravings for sweets and carbohydrates. This can contribute to unwanted weight gain.

  5. Weak immune system : Sleep plays a crucial role in boosting the immune system. A lack of sleep weakens our immunity and makes us more vulnerable to infections and diseases.

How to improve the quality of your sleep with a quality supplement

In case of persistent sleep disorders, a combination of several natural ingredients can be a complete solution to consider. The synergy of herbs such as rhodiola and saffron with the hormone melatonin may provide additional benefits to promote restful sleep.

Rhodiola is an adaptogenic herb known for its calming properties and potential to reduce stress. It can help calm the mind and induce a feeling of relaxation before bedtime. Saffron, on the other hand, is valued for its positive effect on mood and its ability to promote relaxation.

The association of these plants with the hormone melatonin, which regulates the sleep-wake cycle, creates a complete formula to promote sleep, improve sleep quality and reduce nocturnal awakenings. Together, these ingredients work synergistically to provide a natural and effective solution to sleep disorders.

However, remember that supplements should not be used as a substitute for a healthy lifestyle and good sleep habits. It's important to establish a regular sleep routine, create an environment conducive to rest, and take care of your overall well-being.

A lack of sleep can have a huge impact on our health and quality of life. It is crucial to recognize the signs of sleep deprivation and act accordingly. A quality supplement, along with good sleep habits, can help improve your sleep quality and support your overall well-being. Remember to consult a healthcare practitioner before taking any supplement, especially if you have chronic sleep issues.


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