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Intestinal flora
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Well-being Starts in the Belly

Do you often experience digestive discomfort that disrupts your daily life? June Laboratoire has designed Lacto+ Probiotics for you, an advanced formula that takes care of your intestinal flora and puts a smile back on your stomach.

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Made in France, Designed for You

We are proud to offer you a product carefully produced in France. The 30 Lacto+ capsules are manufactured to the highest standards, guaranteeing their quality and potency.

Relieves Intestinal Pain

Our capsules act quickly to reduce digestive discomfort.

Reduces Bloating

No more feelings of heaviness after meals, Lacto+ helps regulate your digestion.

Help with Digestion

Lacto+'s digestive enzymes and probiotic strains facilitate the digestive process.

Why June Laboratoire and not another?

Why choose June Laboratory?

Easy to Integrate into Your Routine

One capsule per day is enough to feel the benefits. Whether you are at the office, traveling or at home, Lacto+ adapts to your active life.

Join the Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Choosing Lacto+ from June means joining a community of people who have chosen to take care of their digestive well-being intelligently. Order now and take the first step towards peaceful and comfortable digestion.

June Laboratoire - Expertise at the Service of Your Digestion

Stop letting digestive issues dictate your mood. With Lacto+ Probiotics from June, find balance and live each day to its full potential.

Add Lacto+ to Your Cart and Feel the Difference!

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