Use name : Vitamin E.

Obtaining process: Extraction from natural sources such as vegetable oils (sunflower, wheat germ, soya) or synthetic oils.

Source: Vegetable (vegetable oils).

Family: Vitamins.

Part of the plant extracted: Seeds, germs.

Provenance, origin: Worldwide.

Chemical characteristics: Antioxidant, fat soluble.

Dosage form: Powder.

Dosage needed in dietary supplements : The recommended dosage of vitamin E generally ranges from 15 to 30 milligrams per day, depending on individual needs.

Missions: Antioxidant, protection of cells against oxidative damage, support of the immune system, protection of the skin against UV rays.

Properties : Improved healing, maintenance of skin elasticity and firmness, reduction of signs of skin aging.

Indications: Skin care, prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, protection against the harmful effects of UV rays, strengthening of the immune system.