Usage name: Biotin, Vitamin B7, Vitamin B8, Vitamin H.

Obtaining process: Chemical synthesis or extraction from natural sources (eggs, yeast, soya).

Source: Animal (eggs), vegetable (yeast, soy).

Family: Vitamin B.

Part of the plant or animal extracted: Eggs (animal), Yeast (vegetable), Soya (vegetable).

Provenance, origin: Worldwide.

Chemical characteristics: Water-soluble vitamin, coenzyme for metabolic reactions.

Dosage form: Powder.

Dosage needed in dietary supplements : The recommended dosage of biotin in dietary supplements generally ranges from 100 to 10,000 micrograms per day, depending on individual needs.

Missions: Supporting the health of hair, nails, skin and metabolism.

Properties : Promotes hair and nail growth, maintains skin health, contributes to the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

Indications: Fragile hair and nails, dry or acne-prone skin, slow metabolism, fatigue.